How You Can Be Involved!

Without the active involvement of people who care about having a progressive community, the labor movement moves backward. It takes the involvement of tens of thousands of working people to overcome the incredible resources that are aimed at greed and special interest.

If you're a union member, become an active member. Attend your local's meetings. Read the material distributed at your work site. Read your local's newsletter. For extra information, make sure you visit your union's website.

Not in a union? Not a problem—there's still plenty you can do. The AFL-CIO created Working America especially for people working for employers who aren't unionized yet. You can learn about issues important to all of us, like health care, Social Security and education. Working America also has a weekly newsletter that tells people how they can get involved.

Another great source of information is Policy Matters Ohio. They're a local non-profit think tank that researches and analyzes social policy issues and explains their findings in plain English (really). Executive Director Amy Hanauer and her crack staff crunch numbers so that the rest of us don't have to.

Last, but not least, don't forget to register and vote.  Informed voters can change the world.

Want to start a Union? Find out more here.

$upport JwJ!

Cleveland Jobs With Justice is a local coalition of labor, faith-based, community, and student organizations. Its mission is to improve working people's standard of living, fight for job security, and protect workers' right to organize.

But doing that takes money. You can help by making a secure online donation with your credit card. You can contribute as little as $10 (or as much as $1,000) and your transaction will be protected by the same technology as Amazon or eBay. Please show that you support the cause.  Thanks!